49X Uptime


The 49X represents a big advancement in productivity for vocational trucks thanks to Detroit Connect®. Detroit Connect translates the performance data of any type of truck — log trucks, mixers, dump trucks, heavy haul and more — into real-time information you can use to make the decisions that can help you keep those trucks working and earning.



When equipped with a Detroit® engine, Detroit Connect Virtual Technician® remote diagnostic service on the Western Star 49X will help you increase uptime. If your truck experiences a fault, Virtual Technician will send you an alert, notifying you of the severity of the fault as well as when, where and how to best fix it. Parts can be ordered for the issue ahead of time, so you can keep the vehicle in service instead of waiting for diagnosis or parts delivery.

Virtual Technician also tracks trends in fault codes, giving you advance warning of failure so you can plan to service the issue before it’s critical – and even sends dealers email notifications so parts can be ordered and on-hand when you come in to service your truck. It's like having a team of experts from Detroit at your fingertips, working to keep your trucks on the job.

49X Uptime Laptop

49X Uptime Detroit Connect


The Detroit Connect Portal gives owners the real-time data they need to make informed decisions about service, helping them reduce downtime and be more profitable. It offers a holistic view of a vehicle, allowing you to see each vehicle's fault codes, as well as its full history of codes.

By tracking these trends, you can plan for downtime, taking a truck out of service when it's most convenient for you, saving time and money. Additionally, it allows you to fix a problem before it becomes bigger and helps you improve or maintain the health of your trucks by adjusting to patterns you see, giving you a powerful tool to help you be even more successful.


49X Uptime Support

    We work to deliver 24-hour repair turnaround with 1,100 Daimler Trucks North America dealer network and partner service locations to assist you, including more than 300 Elite Support locations that handle over 80% of our parts and service volume.

    Western Star is your one-stop solution for parts and service. In addition to our service locations, we have 10 Parts Distribution Centers across North America that carry a wide selection of Western Star, Reman and Alliance parts. And with an average delivery time of 12 hours or less on more than 90% of parts orders, your truck will be back on the road fast.

    We invest in technology that can keep your trucks working and working longer. And that goes well beyond technology like Detroit Connect®. With Western Star, you get a full suite of uptime management services and technology to get your trucks back working as soon as possible.

    At your dealer, you'll experience applications like Uptime Pro, Express WriteUp, Techlane™ and Service Tracker which work together to get you checked in for service quickly, diagnosed quickly and back on the job quickly. And if you perform regular maintenance yourself, Excelerator℠ is our new e-commerce platform that lets you search, find and buy all in one place for ease of use and reduced downtime. At Western Star, even our technology works hard.

    Strong support also means having a strong warranty. And Western Star trucks are backed by one of the strongest standard warranties in the business.

    Extended coverage plans for our truck chassis are designed to reduce downtime and costly repairs by extending protection for time and mileage above and beyond the factory warranty period. Multiple plans are available for up to seven years/250k miles for vocational applications or six years/600k miles for on-highway.