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Elite Support is a collaborative program between Daimler Trucks North America and its affiliated truck dealers, focused on improving the customer experience at Freightliner and Western Star branded dealerships.

This innovative program sets the standard for customer amenities, rapid diagnostics, exceptional turnaround times, and consistent communication, all provided by a highly trained staff.

Elite Support focuses on enhancing dealership processes that address customer concerns, which leads to higher standards of customer satisfaction throughout the network.

Every dealership earning the Elite Support certification must meet 123 specific criteria across 20 customer service areas. To maintain these high standards, dealerships employ a Continuous Improvement Coordinator.

Gordon Truck Centers has been on the cutting edge of the Elite Support program. We have been an Elite Support certified Dealer since 2012, and continue to be an industry leader in shaping the criteria for a better, stronger network.

For more information check out the Elite Support website.


Express Assessment


  • Make Smart Decisions Faster — Our service staff is trained to communicate promptly and professionally. Within 2 hours of the service write-up you’ll know whether you can get back out on the road, need to redirect resources, or get a hotel.

  • Understand Parts Availability — Quickly find out which parts are in stock and which need to be ordered so the repair can get underway as soon as possible.

  • Assess Accurate Repair Costs — You’ll quickly have a good idea of how much the repair will cost.

  • Experience Qualified Technicians — An Express Assessment allows the dealer to assign the most qualified technician to the job, ensuring that the diagnosis gets done right the first time.

  • Perform Simple Repairs Fast — If the assessment of your single complaint reveals a simple repair, like a blown fuse or a burnt out light, we’ll make every effort to perform the repair immediately.

  • Manage Your Business Better — Get the information you need to communicate the impact on your load to your business and your customers.